Some people lose diamonds searching for stones

Not from speaking much is one a knower of the Dhamma.

One having heard little, but who acts accordingly, such one is a genuine knower of the true Dhamma.

Reflecting on Dhammapada verses 21-23:

Mindfulness is the way to the Deathless (Nibbana); unmindfulness is the way to Death. Those who are mindful do not die; those who are not mindful are as if already dead.

Fully comprehending this, the wise, who are mindful, rejoice in being mindful and find delight in the domain of the Noble Ones (Ariyas).

The wise, constantly cultivating Tranquillity and Insight Development Practice, being ever mindful and steadfastly striving, realize Nibbana: Nibbana, which is free from the bonds of yoga; Nibbana, the Incomparable!

Khen HM