​New blog, new outlook, same Dhamma…

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It seems like everything that needs to be written about Buddhism have been well documented, canonized, published and shared.
For everything else, it is all a matter of copy and paste, or recycling.

So, why am I starting another blog in the first place?

I used to blog on Buddha Dhamma about a decade ago under a different name ‘Atma Deepo Bhava’ (Be a Lamp Upon Yourself).

But it didn’t last very long until I decided to delete the entire blog after I did some reflection and thought I should resume it sometime later.

I realized that back then, fresh out of the monastery, I was still very attached to sectarian views and some of my writing were biased.

After contemplating for quite some time, I decided to break from the chains of sectarian views which I felt was quite a burden for me to truly appreciate what the Buddha taught.

It would be such a great waste if I hadn’t explored further and beyond what I was taught and trained in despite the Buddha’s advice on the need for one’s analytical insight in order to understand the Dhamma such as the Kalama Sutta.

It was an awakening of sorts.

I felt free from the grasp of what I once thought was supposed to be right or wrong. It was about “letting go” of such views and threading on the Middle Path that given me this clarity of mind to understand the beauty of the Buddha’s teachings which manifested into different forms after 2,560 years of history. 

And so here I am now, more determined than ever with a fresher outlook on Dhamma and probably more experienced than I was back some 10 years ago.

I hope that you’ll take your time to explore my Dhamma sharing and may it be beneficial to everyone! 

Khen HM